A Response to 'Don't Trust White People' by Boitumelo Senokoane

Rev. Boitumelo Ben Senokoane is a Lecturer in the Discipline of Theological Ethics in the Department of Philosophy and Systematic Theology at the University of South Africa (UNISA).

Don't Trust White People

During a "philosophy seminar" [1|2|3] in 2011, "attended by about 40 academics and members of the public" [1], Boitumelo Senokoane delivered a message, entitled "White Man, you are on your own" [1|2|3], saying:-

» One. That "white people, liberals in particular, should not be trusted by black people" [1|3], even those "who fought against apartheid 'should not be regarded as partners' by black people" [1],

» Two. That "white people had 'never committed any good deeds towards black people'" [1|2] and therefore have no "moral authority in any area" [1],

» Three. That "the 'God of the white man' had 'deserted him'" [1] since whites are "social outcasts and religious hypocrites" [1], and finally

» Four. That racism was a "white phenomenon" [1].

Well, Mr Semokoane, herewith my reply.

According to you, blacks shouldn't trust white people.

Are you suggesting that they trust blacks then, blacks like John Block, Sicelo Shiceka, Mrs. Miriam Segabutla, Robert Mugabe, and of course, yourself?!

In fact, you tell them not even to trust those whites who fought Apartheid South Africa.

Well, I guess Comrade Adrian John Williams, Comrade Andries Carl Nel, Comrade Annelize van Wyk, Comrade Arthur Roy Ainslie, Comrade Barbara Anne Hogan, Comrade Ben Turok, Comrade David Douglas van Rooyen, Comrade Derek Andre Hanekom, Comrade Gerhard Koornhof, Comrade Grant Trevor Snell, Comrade Jeremy Patrick Cronin, Comrade Joanmariae Louise Fubbs, Comrade Johannes Hendricks (Johnny) De Lange, Comrade John Harold Jeffery, Comrade Marthinus C.J. van Schalkwyk, Comrade Robert Haydn Davies, Comrade Sue van der Merwe and Comrade Yolanda Rachel Botha, all white ANC Members of Parliament in the National Assembly, were ecstatic to hear that. And, of course Black Sash probably couldn't contain their excitement.

Yet, according to you, whites have never committed any good deeds towards black people.

I must congratulate you on being the most ignorant black man I ever met. Ignorant of history, ignorant of society, ignorant of politics, and even ignorant of Scripture.

Maybe you should step outside your little ivory tower for a moment and go have a look at the work of Africa Aid, African Aids Action, Aid for Africa, Black Sash, Samaritan's Purse, Smile Train, the United Nations and USAID Africa.

In fact, do me a favour and go tell that to my coloured and black friends, and clients, and see what a bitch-slap you'll get.

According to you, God has deserted white people, because of their religious hypocrisy.

Yes, there were many white religious hypocrites in the old South Africa. There are many white religious hypocrites in the new South Africa. Yet, there were as many black religious hypocrites then as there are now - case in point: you.

You warn your black friends against the 'liberals'. Yet you don't even realizing that you find yourself in the midst of probably the most theological liberal institutions in the country - the Department of Theology at UNISA.

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with your theological convictions, but judging from your flaky world view and general ignorance, I doubt they could be anything but the usual crap disguised as Christian Theology. But rest assured, I will do my best review them in the coming months.

Finally, according to you, racism is a 'white phenomenon'.

I guess by that you mean to say that racism is exclusive to whites?

If that's the case, I guess Francisco MacĂ­as Nguema (1924-1979), John Okello (1937-1971), Idi Amin (1925-2003), Pol Pot (1928-1998), Mengistu Haile Mariam (1937-?) and Charles Taylor (1948-), were all white?

In light of your own views then, one might be forgiven for mistaking you as a whitey - being the little racist prick you are.

In short Mr. Senokoane, from one theologian to another, you disgust me. You are so filled with unforgiveness, resentment and self-pity, that with one sweep of your carnal hand you brush aside, not only many for whom Christ shed His blood (1 Pt. 3v18; Ep. 3v6), but even those folks who likewise shed theirs for your freedom.

While you may have some elementary theological understanding, biblically-speaking you are neither a Christian, nor a Theologian. Since neither, Christians nor Theologians, can support racial discrimination against their own blood (Acts 17v26).

Maybe you should take a cue from that Christian Bible, you claim to hold without hypocrisy - stop bearing false witness (Ex. 20v16), stop inciting racial division, and start becoming a peacemaker (Mt. 5v9).

I say this, not because you're black, but because you are wrong. Fact is, I did the same with many white religious hypocrites. [5]


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